Principles of Off-Season Strength and Conditioning

Basic principles to make the most of your off-season

There are fundamental principles that must be considered when preparing yourself for a sport. Baseball presents some very unique challenges in regard to athlete preparation. The human body was really not designed for rotational movement and certainly, throwing and hitting a baseball are some of the most demanding movements the body will have to deal with in a sport setting. With this in mind, we would like you to consider the following training principles as you begin your off-season training program.


The main goal of any well-designed strength and conditioning program is three-fold:

• Decrease risk of injury
• Maximize sport performance
• Maximize career longevity

In a perfect world a program is designed with an individual athlete in mind. What we have compiled here is a well-rounded program that addresses all of the areas of development needed for success in the game of baseball.

“If I had six hours to cut down a tree, I would spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.”- Abraham Lincoln


More is not better! There is absolutely no better way for you to approach your training. This mind set is often difficult to adhere to as a young athlete. At times even seasoned veterans of the game find it difficult to narrow the scope of their training. All we can say to this is; more often than not it is the quality of your work and not the quantity of your work that will generate the greatest gains in performance. Stick to the program, listen to your body and stay focused on your task.


Ideally, we all want to be players. But it is the smart player that succeeds and excels in sport. These players understand that in order to approach your playing potential you must be first prepared as an athlete. This means you will have to put the game aside for a time to develop the athletic traits that will, ultimately, make you a better baseball player. And that is how we would like you to approach your off-season program. Develop as an athlete so you can maximize your abilities as a player!


Inside the program you will find exercises and drills addressing ALL of the areas of development.

Flexibility, Endurance, Strength, Speed, Agility, Power, Sport Vision and Rest; are the areas of development you need to focus on to maximize your performance over the off-season. You will also have to address other important factors such as Nutrition, Mental Training and Injury Rehabilitation. A well-rounded, complete program is critical to reaching your potential!

With these basic principles in mind we challenge you to make the most of your off-season.